sábado, 9 de febrero de 2008


A little belated. I hope the boys took good care of you on your Caribbean adventure and that you had a great birthday!

viernes, 8 de febrero de 2008

Little Birdie

I don't have much exciting news so I thought I'd put up some photos of the birds here. I like learning the names of all the local plants and animals.

Common Myna Bird, this is Mike's favorite.

Brazilian Red Cap Cardinals, you always see them in pairs. This is my favorite.

Java Sparrow, you usually see these in small groups in the grass.

African Common Waxbill, you see these in big flocks in the grass.

Anyhow... those are the most common birds here. The pigeons don't count, they're the bird equivalents of homeless people.

Randomly, this is my favorite mural at Manoa:

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2008


I'm sure it goes without saying what I'll be eating for the next few months... but aside from my chocolate cereal addiction, I made a baklava experiment. It was edible for the most part. On the right are some oranges in a bowl I made.

This is a special thanks to Mom for my care package: (: